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Roles of the Technical Expert Group

The Technical Expert Group (TEG) looks for experts in relevant economic sectors covered by the ISBT, tasked with the following responsibilities: analysis and scoring of taxonomy criteria, and recommendations for new/updated criteria/economic activities.

The members of the TEG should contribute actively to its work and participate in its meetings (primarily online).

The mandate of the members of the TEG is two years. For its first phase, the work of the TEG will start in Q4 2023 and will end in Q4 2025.

What is the ISBT

What is the ISBT?

The ISBT will recommend/create rigorous criteria, that financial institutions and companies can use as a scientific guide for their operations.

The ISBT duplicates the EU Taxonomy’s criteria wherever they are robust and only departs from them when they are scientifically weak or unevidenced.

In these cases, the technical experts behind the ISBT will create new criteria – using the technical recommendations of the TEG or of the official EU Platform wherever relevant.

To highlight scientific and unscientific criteria in the EU Taxonomy, the ISBT uses a grading system:
Science Based for robust criteria, Partially Science Based where there is a need for improvement, and Not Science Based for unscientific criteria that investors should avoid.

Ultimately, the ISBT aims to become a fully-fledged taxonomy that covers sustainable, intermediate, and unsustainable activities. Criteria for each category will be regularly updated to reflect technological and scientific developments. The ISBT also aims to provide visibility on the future science-based taxonomy criteria, not only the current ones, helping the market to anticipate future updates of the taxonomy criteria and better connecting the taxonomy with available sector-specific 2050 decarbonisation pathways. 

Expertise and

Required Expertise

Members of the Technical Expert Group need to possess some or all of the following qualifications:

– Technical expertise in various sectors of the economy: Environmental protection and restoration activities, manufacturing, forestry, energy, construction and real estate, information and communication, professional, scientific and technical activities, biomass, finance, transport, water supply, sewerage, waste management and remediation;
– Thematic expertise on topics such as biodiversity, circular economy, climate science, climate adaptation, climate mitigation, water, marine, pollution, biodiversity.
The position of member of the Technical Expert Group is currently unremunerated. TEG members will be listed on the ISBT’s website, and are expected to perform their tasks in an independent manner. To avoid potential conflicts of interests, only candidates working in not for profit institutions, academia or research centers will be considered.
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