The EU Taxonomy Stakeholder Request Mechanism, jointly administered by the Platform on Sustainable Finance and the Commission, concluded its submission phase on December 15, 2023. Members of the Independent Science Based Taxonomy initiative actively participated in this process, offering valuable scientific and technical insights.

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While the platform is no longer accepting submissions, the Technical Working Group will process received requests, with a second cut-off date to be announced soon.

The EU Commission emphasises that due to resource constraints, prioritization of certain activities may occur, even if substantiated requests comply with the Taxonomy Regulation. The Platform’s Technical Working Group plans to summarize requests in 2024, outlining assessments and recommendations to the Commission.

The Commission, not bound by stakeholder feedback or Platform recommendations, will decide on potential amendments to the EU taxonomy in future delegated acts. The closure of the mechanism marks the end of the initial submission period, with stakeholder participation shaping the ongoing developments in sustainable finance.

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